Near By Places Of Interest

There is a lot to see and do in the Rotherhithe area. Below are some of our area's attractions.

Edward III's Manor House
King Edward III reigned from 1327 until 1377. The manor house was built in the mid 1350s and today you can still see the original foundations. Surprisingly, and sadly, the last remaining wall was only knocked down in the 1930s. Information boards around the site give a good history of the building along with photographs and drawings.


Dock Head Fire Station
Dock Head was the original fire station used for the ITV series London's Burning.

It is an operational fire station so you cannot walk around it, only look from the outside.


The Mayflower Inn & Steps
Plymouth may lay claim to being the starting point of the Pilgrim Father's journey but that is only because the Mayflower was wrecked in a storm in the English Channel and had to put into Plymouth for repairs.


Metropolitan River Police
From the river walk you can see the Metropolitan Police's boat yard on the North Bank of the Thames, the descendents of the oldest police force in the world. The yard is operational so you cannot walk around it, only look from the outside.


Norwegian Church
Built to serve the many Norwegian sailors visiting the docks in the past the church is visited by the Norwegian Royal Family whenever they are in the UK. 

Tower Bridge
A thirty minute walk takes you back to Tower Bridge and the City of London. Henry Brunel, Isambard's son actually worked on Tower Bridge's engines.