The Miner's Life


The Thames Tunnel project was one of the greatest engineering feats of the 19th Century - driving the world's first tunnel under a navigable river. It is perhaps Marc Brunel's most insistent claim to fame.

However, it took a team of courageous and unsung heroes to drive the tunnel through soft, waterlogged sediments, through noxious fumes and in the face of impending inundation.

This is the story of the miners

  • Credits: Text by Julie Carter, Kevin Flude, Michael Delicata-Bennett
  • Design by Kevin Flude for Cultural Heritage Resources
  • Research by Julie Carter, Michael Delicata-Bennett, Lucy Liney and Kevin Flude
  • Copyright: Brunel Engine House


We wish to thank the following people and organisations:
Mike Chrimes and other members of staff in the Library and Archives of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Westminster
Jeremy Smith and others in the Guildhall Library, the City of London
The Local History Library in Southwark.
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