The Brunel Engine House - the Miner's Life Exhibition

The Men Who Worked the Tunnel

  The following is a list of names of people working for the Thames Tunnel we have come across in our research. (It is not comprehensive). We have not found any evidence of any female workers.

Ball (a leading miner, drowned)
Richard Beamish (assistant engineer, blinded in one eye by 'tunnel sickness')
Bertram (a miner or workman)
Bowyer (a workman, 'a good man', died of 'tunnel sickness')
Brunel, Marc (chief engineer, stroke through over-work)
Brunel, Isambard (resident engineer, seriously injured in flood)
Bull (Thames Tunnel Company Policeman)
Collier, John (top overseer in the first shift)
Collins (a leading miner, drowned)
Compton (a miner)
Carps (a bricklayer)
Crawford (assistant engineer)
Denyer, Samuel (miners of 2nd Shift)
Dixon (assistant engineer)
Donnell, William (Miner in top frame)
Dowling (a miner)
Evans (Thames Tunnel Company Policeman)
Fitzgerald, John (Principal Foreman of Bricklayers, given gratuity for good or brave work)
Fitzgerald (a miner)
Francis (assistant engineer)
Furse, David (miners of 2nd Shift)
Goodwin, John (top overseer in the first shift)
Gravatt, William (assistant engineer)
Harman (a miner)
Hagan, Henry (miner of the top frame, drowned)
Hannam (top overseer of 2nd Shift)
Heywood, William (a miner of 2nd Shift, died of typhus)
Huggins, Richard (Foreman of the Second Shift, afflicted with 'tunnel sickness')
Kemble (tunnel yard watchman)
Lane, Michael (leading foreman of bricklayers)
Makeham, George (miner of the top frame)
Mason (assistant engineer)
Maund, Richard (miner of the top frame)
Mayhew (a workman)
Mason (assistant engineer)
Mayo (a miner or workman)
Miles (a workman)
Milford (miners of 2nd Shift)
Painter (a workman, the first to die: fell down the shaft whilst drunk)
Page, Thomas (acting engineer, replaced Isambard Brunel after first phase, afflicted with 'tunnel sickness')
Pamphilon (a workman)
Pascoe (a workman)
Pennick, William (Miner of the top frames)
Pryor, Thomas (miners of 2nd Shift)
Putt, James (miners of 2nd Shift)
Richardson (a miner, drowned)
Riley, Francis (assistant engineer, died of 'tunnel sickness')
Rogers (a workman, 'an old sergeant of the Guards')
Short (a miner)
Shorts, George (foreman of Bricklayers, given gratuity for good or brave work)
Sullivan (a workman, almost blind with 'tunnel sickness')
Tillet (elderly 'engine man' 'hauled to safety' by Isambard Brunel)
Tillet, Jonas (18 year old stoker, helped during the fire)
Waterman, James (foreman of carpenters, given gratuity for good or brave work)
Williams, Richard (foreman of 'third shift', given gratuity for good or brave work)
Williams (foreman of 'first shift', died of 'tunnel sickness')
Williams (a workman, taken to a lunatic asylum, 'dangerous')
Wood (a bricklayer)
Woodfield, Thomas (Miner in top frame)



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