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10 May 1826

The walls of a house in Rotherhithe cracked due to subsidence. This could only have occurred if the ground excavated was greater than the volume of the tunnel and its brickwork. This was against the principle of the shield, Brunel found 20 inches of unlined roof behind the top staves.

12 May 1826

A shovel and a hammer which bad been dropped from the diving bell some days earlier were recovered train inside the tunnel.

12 May 1826

The Tunnel is now 100 feet long.

18 May 1821

Marc was arrested for debt and consigned to King's Bench prison.
Although she did not have to do so, Sophia walked through the gates with him and stayed until his release in September.

18 May 1827

Disaster and Heroism in the Tunnel. Goodwin working in No 11 frame called for help as water gushed in. Before others could reach him the water increased to raging torrent. William Corp was swept off the stage but was grabbed by Beamish. Rogers called on Beamish to get out as the water was coming too fast. The water swept away the lower flight of the spiral staircase.

19 May 1827

(Sunday). The curate of Rotherhithe said in his sermon - that it was but a just judgement upon the presumptuous aspirations of mortal man

20 May 1892

The Great Western "Cornishman" pulled out of Paddington on the journey to Penance.

21 May 1826

The roof collapsed at the engineering works of Henry Maudley, Son and Field and Sons. 60 workmen are killed.

21 May 1892

The Great Western from Penance arrives at Swindon.....The days of Brunel's seven-foot broad gauge railway are over.

22 May 1892

Almost 24 hours later, the Night Mail train from Paddington pulled away and the first narrow (standard gauge) train worked her way through to Penance. IKB's broad gauge had gone forever.

25 May 1886

S.S. Great Britain dismasted in a terrible storm while rounding the
Horn, en-route from Penarth to Panama, managed to limp into the
Falkland Islands where she was condemned after a survey. She became a storage bulk for wool and coal.

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