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2 March 1825

William Smith MP, Chairman of the Court of Directors of the Thames Tunnel Company, addressed a crowd of over 1000 people at the construction site at Cow Lane in Rotherhithe and laid the first brick upon the iron Curb that had previously been laid upon the ground. The Iron Curb consisted of 48 cast iron segments which formed a 50diameter ring. William Smith proclaimed that the commencement of the construction of the Tunnel be dated by this act. Marc Brunel laid the second brick.

After the ceremony, 200 guests sat down to a celebratory feast and a dozen bottles of wine from the feast were laid down to celebrate the eventual completion of the tunnel.

3 March 1825

A 7 foot high dry brick wall weighing 215 tons was laid upon the Iron Curb to allow it to settle. Work on the Tunnel ceased for two weeks.

12 March 1814

Patent for new method of giving additional durability to certain types of leather

24 March 1814

Elected Fellow of the Royal Society

24 March 1805

Block making by contract ceased. Although no proof exists, it seems evident from this date that many of Lord Nelson's ships at the Battle of Trafalgar, were equipped with some of Brunel's blocks.

24 March 1835

After nearly 7 years, work on the Tunnel re-commenced.

24 March 1836

After a year of hard work, the Tunnel is cleared and tunnelling is ready to start again.

24 March 1841

A knighthood was bestowed on Marc BruneL.. Sir Isambart Brunel.

25 March 1836

Eleven years after the bricklaying ceremony, tunnelling starts again with the new shield, built by John Rennie. The shield weighed 140 tons and contained over 9000 parts

25 March 1836

18 years and 23 days after its commencement, the Tunnel opened to the public after a grand opening ceremony, at 6p.m. By midnight on the 26th, 56,000 people had passed througth the Tunnel.


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