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7 JULY 1793.

After escaping from the French revolutionaries, Sir Marc Brunel, fled from Rouen and sought refuge in America by embarking on the U.S. ship 'Liberty' in Le Havre and sailed to New York.

11 July 1843.

The 1,000,000th visitor since the tunnel opened on March 25th, walked through the tunnel.

12 July 1825.

First fatality. An old ganger by the name of Painter had been out drinking, after finishing his shift in the Tunnel. On his way home, he climbed the shaft. Due to his drunken state, he lost his balance and fell to the bottom of the 42ft shaft and was killed.

19 July 1822.

Contract for the building of the 'Isle de Bourbon' bridge ratified by French government.

19 July 1837.

IKB's ship S.S. 'Great Western' launched

19 July 1839.

Building of S.S. 'Great Britain' commenced

19 July 1843.

I.K.Bs ship S.S. 'Great Britain' launched

20 July 1824.

The first General Meeting of the Thames Tunnel Company was held at the City of London Tavern.

26 July 1843.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visited the Tunnel. One enterprising stallholder, who was selling silk handkerchiefs for 3/6d (18p), upon seeing the Queen approach, scooped up all his stock and strew the ground with them along the pathway in front of the Queen. After the royal party had passed he picked them up and placed them back on his stall again, and cried out 'Silk handkerchiefs, silk handkerchiefs, as trodden on by the Queen, only half a guinea' (53p).

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