Based in a scheduled ancient monument in Rotherhithe, London we celebrate the lives and work of two of the greatest engineers Great Britain has seen: Marc & Isambard Kingdom Brunel. What better place for a Brunel museum than above the Thames Tunnel - the only project that father and son worked on together. In 1825 they began on the first tunnel to be built with a tunnelling shield and pioneered a method for building tube systems still in use today.

If you have travelled on the railway from London to Wales or Devon & Cornwall, gone through a tunnel, have been on a ship with a propeller or used something that has been manufactured in a factory then the Brunels have touched your life.

It is a mark of their genius that what they built or designed is in use even today. The Thames Tunnel is the oldest tunnel in the London Underground and carries a railway under the River Thames over 180 years after work started on it.

We have exhibits covering the Thames Tunnel and the building of the Great Eastern, arranged over two floors, and a well stocked souvenir shop with reminders for everyone from children to the most dedicated armchair engineers.