The Brunel Engine House
In The Heart Of Historic Rotherhithe

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Special events
The museum regularly organises special events, including guided journeys through the floodlit Thames Tunnel. See the shop for more details.

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Colin Kirkland, past Chair of Trustees, accepting the Thames Tunnel Banquet painting on loan from David de Haan of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum


Tunnel Works Begin
2nd March 1825

180 years, 11 months and 33 days ago

Opens To Pedestrians
25th March 1843

162 years, 11 months and 10 days ago

Re-Opens As A Railway
7th December 1869

136 years, 2 months and 28 days ago

Iron Bridge Gorge Museum
The Iron Bridge Gorge museum has loaned the original Thames Tunnel Banquet painting for display in the Engine House and a blue plaque has now been attached to the shaft detailing the importance of the site. If you would like to join the museum download the membership form. A longer description of the picture can be found here and you can buy a copy through the online shop

World Class Historical Importance
The Thames Tunnel passes directly underneath the engine house. Never heard of it? It was the first tunnel to be dug under a navigable river through soft earth using a tunnel shield. It was the first and it is still in use carrying the East London Line below the River Thames, part of the London Underground network. The museum exhibits this world class history built in the face of financial, flood and fire catastrophes.


The Engine House

The Tunnel Today
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Pages on the engine house built to pump water from the tunnel, the clever shaft and the tunnel itself built using the first shield.   Marc Brunel, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and the life of the miners.   How we started, our plans for the future, information on the group and how to find the Engine House.
To find out more about London Underground train services, timetables and history check out the offical web site:   Finding Us
From Rotherhithe tube station turn left and left again up Railway Avenue. You will see the high chimney to your left.

There is very limited parking around the Engine House

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All mock up pictures taken during the making of "Men of Iron" produced by Windfall Films for Channel 4 in 2003